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Director of Music Ministries
Position Description at Redeemer
The Director of Music Ministry leads the music ministry at Christ Our Redeemer. The
Director is the primary proponent and vision-bearer of our music ministry in support of the
vision and ministries of the Church as a whole. This is a part-time position.
1. The Director reports to the Lead Pastor
2. Leads the volunteer members of the Worship Ministry Team
3. Is accountable to the Elders under the Constitution of the church.
4. Scope: plans music for Sundays, seasonal and special events.
1. Philosophy. Under the supervision of the Lead pastor and Elders, the Director will
develop the vision and philosophy of Music Ministry within our larger philosophy of
Worship and pursue short-range and long-range planning to facilitate the music ministry at
Christ Our Redeemer.
2. Operational Role/Leadership. The Director will recruit, train, equip and schedule
members for the Worship Ministry Team to carry out its ministries and work with them to
set standards for participation and performance. Feedback from team members, staff and
elders should also be used to improve the ministry, resolve mission-critical issues and
exercise necessary decision-making.
3. Coordination – work w/pastor, staff and other ministries on music programming.
This requires an on-site presence and participation at Base Camp with other staff
4. Particulars:
a.) Music – oversee the production of the music component of our worship services and
develop new music pieces in alignment with our philosophy
b.) Musicians – supervise the scheduling of musicians for services; plan rehearsals;
develop and coach the members of the Worship Ministry Team
c.) Media – ensure that events are supported with necessary media technology including
sound, video, lyrics, lighting, live and recorded pieces. Recruit, train and coach the
Audio-Visual Operatorʼs Team
d.) Money – develop and gain approval for annual budget for music and media ministry
and then manage the purchase, upkeep, repair and resourcing for the music ministry
within the approved budget
e.) Most Sundays – we will expect the Director to lead our worship most Sundays but be
developing other leaders to also be able to lead
1. Must be a disciple of Christ living under the Lordship of Jesus
2. Must be a trained musician and familiar with sound system set-up
3. Must have experience in leading music in a worship context
4. Must have experience in the relational dynamics of building a music team
5. Must be in essential agreement with Redeemerʼs Vision, Theological Statement,
CORe Values and our philosophy of worship ministries. The Director will be expected to
join and become an active participant in the life of the church.
TRO032314; 042619