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Jobs/Staff Openings

Director of Childrenʼs Ministry

Position Description at Redeemer
The Director leads our Childrenʼs Ministry at Christ Our Redeemer under the vision
and leadership of the Church as a whole. The Director will be the primary proponent
for this ministry but will work as a team member with the Childrenʼs Ministry
Leadership Team. This is a part-time position.
1. The Director will report to a designated Elder.
2. Supervises the volunteer members of the Childrenʼs Ministry Leadership Team
3. Is accountable to the Elders under the Constitution of the church.
4. Scope: plans and directs this ministry on Sundays and oversees the planning for
other Childrenʼs events such as outreach to children in the community.
1. Philosophy – oversee a pedagogy that teaches children the grace of our Lord
Jesus Christ and that familiarizes them with the content of the Bible.
2. Operational Role – recruit, screen, train, support and coach volunteers who
work with our children
3. Coordination – work as a team member in partnership and mutual
submission to other ministries, staff and leaders at Redeemer
4. Some Particulars:
a.) Exercise discernment and wisdom in the placement of volunteers and
in responding to sensitive family issues regarding their children
b.) Curriculum – design, select and develop curriculum for the education and
spiritual formation of children through elementary school
c.) Sunday Morning – oversee all components of the Sunday morning childrenʼs
ministry. We will expect the Director to be on site most Sundays.
d.) Outreach – plans an annual outreach (at least) to children in the community
” ”
1. Have a demonstrated heart for children
2. Be a mature and growing disciple of Jesus with a good knowledge of Scripture
3. Experience in leading and teaching children
4. Have gifts in training and coaching volunteers
5. Demonstrated gifts in administration
6. Experience working on teams – understanding what it means to be a team player
7. Must be in essential agreement with Redeemerʼs Vision, theological statement,
and CORe Values and the philosophy of Childrenʼs Ministry. We will expect the
Director to join and become an active participant in the life of the church.