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Sermons by Tom Oster (Page 11)

“Let Me In”

“The Laodiceans were lukewarm in their discipleship. Jesus was about to be sick of them, but instead, there is an amazing grace in Jesus’ approach to them in Rev. 3!”


 “You wicked, lazy servant” is the startling conclusion to Jesus’ last Parable. This is what the returning Master has to say to the servant who played it safe, took no risks and buried his talent. This parable has much to teach us about the urgency of getting to work“.  


The work itself, matters to God. Stop closing off this area of your life from God. Soli Deo Gloria means that everything we do – everything! – is to be done to the glory of God (Col. 3:23,24). There are no ‘higher callings’; grace changes everything!

“Sola Scripture”

 At the heart of the Protestant Reformation 500 years ago was the recovery of the Scriptures as the only basis for what we believe and how we live. Am I, like Martin Luther, bound by Holy Scripture? Is my heart captive to the Word of God?