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Sundays @ 10:00am
Fitzpatrick Ballroom at the Jefferson Center

Live Sent


Just like Jesus, we have each been SENT into the world to continue His work. God works through the ‘agency’ of men and women who say “Yes, Lord. Here I am. Amen”.

Jesus’ Prayer for Unity

If Jesus prays for our visible unity to be a significant apologetic to the watching world as well as the place where God bestows His blessing (Ps.133) then isn’t it about time we stand together for the gospel more often?!

“Go and Bear Fruit”

Jesus is the vine. Every branch that abides in Him will                    bear much fruit. That is His will for our lives: to go and                    bear much fruit. He does that in us. He will do that in…

“Taking Jesus at His Word”

One of the simplest examples of Faith comes from this man in Jn. 4 who begs Jesus to heal his son. Jesus tells him, “Go. Your son will live” and then “The man took Jesus at his word and departed.”  Wow! Boom! Such amazing faith!