Grace. Grow! Groups. Go!
Sundays @ 10:00am
Fitzpatrick Ballroom at the Jefferson Center

On the last Sunday evening in November, 2006 Tom and Sherry Oster opened their home to see if anyone would come to dream about a new church in the Roanoke Valley. By quarter after 7:00, thirty-five people had gathered in their living room and the original draft of an eight-point vision was presented and discussed — and prayed over. The overall impression was that God wanted to do a new thing and we wanted to see how the vision would take shape in a living community.

Evening services were begun in January of 2007 in an auditorium at the Rehab Center of Carillion Memorial Hospital at the corner of McClanahan and Jefferson St. Two years later, the church moved to a Sunday morning service at their new location in the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Memorial. This also began a period of intense participation in the Grandin Village neighborhood.

COR Groups began to grow and multiply and Discipleship groups sprang up, first among some men and then a year later the first womens’ discipleship group was started. As the church has grown, it has continued to pursue avenues for incarnational ministry in the city. One of the loveliest features of our church family is the ministry of hospitality and welcoming people.

The church was 10 years old in 2016, and is growing and meets at its newest location (five
blocks from City center!) in the Fitzpatrick Ballroom at the Jefferson Center.