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Sundays @ 10:00am
Fitzpatrick Ballroom at the Jefferson Center

The Grace of Giving


There is no collection plate on Sunday mornings. So you might ask: “How then do I give and support this ministry?”

Money is a very spiritual topic, so what we do with it receives a lot of attention from Jesus, but a concise summary of His teaching might be: “Freely you have received; freely give” (Mtt. 10:8). Generosity is the fruit of our experience of grace.

So at Redeemer, we want to teach people the gospel of grace, not the gospel of guilt. We do not take up an Offering on Sundays, but direct people to the Money Box in our foyer, so our giving will be done to please God – not for the approval of men. The new addition of Online Giving at the link below is a convenience for the life patterns of a highly-mobile and technology-savvy generation.

  1. So you can use the MONEY BOX in the Foyer as you come into Fitzpatrick Hall. It receives our Gifts and Tithes every Sunday. These are counted and deposited by a very few people who handle the confidentiality of your giving. Our Church Treasurer will mail you a report of your gifts each January.
  2. You can GIVE ONLINE