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God is Love, but God is Holy Love

Midweek Muse on Sunday’s Sermon on Mtt. 11:25-30 There are two things that follow from being included into the heart of the Trinity. First, we are called into the very heart of God: held in the arms of Jesus and embraced in the bosom of the Father.  God is love. And so Paul ends that extraordinary eighth…

Planks & Sawdust

First, remove the plank from your own eye, then you will see clearly to remove the speck of sawdust from your brother’s eye  – Mtt. 7:5 WHOAH!  This is the conclusion we were not  expecting! Who am I to remove any sins from my brother or sister’s eyes? Well, for one thing, your baptism unites you…

Servin’ Up A Robust Cup of … the Gospel

    There’s coffee, and then there’s coffee.  There are places that add coffee to their menu and then there are Coffee Shops that specialize in it. Even where they serve good coffee, you can get a bad cup once in a while.     The same is true of Christianity. It’s not monolithic. They may not…