Grace. Grow! Groups. Go!
Sundays @ 10:00am
Fitzpatrick Ballroom at the Jefferson Center

Interested in learning more or joining a group?  Please contact Austin Calhoun at [email protected].

At COR, we say, “GROUPS are our primary organization.” Groups will be the leading edge, the “key ingredient,” the expected norm of our commitment to do life together, because we’re not called to do Christian life on our own.

GROUPS are where we follow Jesus together, share the grace of God with one another, rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn, pray for each other, and worship God together. GROUPS are where we primarily expect burden-bearing and care-giving to happen.

GROUPS are weekly gatherings, around the Valley, on different nights of the week where our Church Family meets to study Scripture, pray together, support one another, and go out and serve together. Our GROUPS are “open,” which means they practice the grace of hospitality or welcome strangers who visit.

We would love to help you plug into a GROUP where you can grow deeper in faith and community. Contact Austin (our GROUPS COORDINATOR) at this email address: [email protected].


“Grow!” is our constant exhortation. Becoming holy is the work of the Holy Spirit in us, but maturity doesn’t happen to us accidentally just by hanging around churches! Growth is as slow in the spiritual life as it is in physical life, but nevertheless, on our part, we are to “press on to maturity” (Col. 1:28,29).

On our part, we have to listen and watch and learn how to rearrange our lives around the teachings of Jesus. This is called discipleship. It was at the heart of Jesusʼ ministry – and so it should be at the heart of ours (Matthew 28:18-20). It’s easier to just hand people a fish on Sundays, but our job is to teach them how to fish for themselves.

“Discipleship is craft.” It requires intentionality, and itʼs always personal: we donʼt make “dittos,” we make disciples. And so at Redeemer, we provide a number of different venues that help us to grow up in our faith.

Simple Participation

  • Hospitality: meals together is always where it starts! (And coffee!)
  • Activities together
  • Serving in the Community together

Deeper Exploration

  • Join a COR Group
  • Commit to Men’s Prayer Group on Wednesday mornings
  • Classes, Conferences and Retreats together

Life-changing Dedication

  • Form a Discipleship Triad (or Quad) & commit to a year of growth
  • Commit to an in-depth ministry such as KAIROS Prison Fellowship
  • Take training to become a Group Leader

If you’re looking for a DISCIPLESHIP opportunity where you can grow deeper in your faith, please contact Austin at [email protected], or call Base Camp at (540) 400-7436.