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Why We Need to “Press On” To Know Christ

  1. Because Jesus is dangerous – where did we get the idea He would fit easily into our
      worlds? or like a cell phone into our back pocket?

  2. Because we are losing wonder, mystery, adventure, risk as our lives become louder,
      faster and shallower.   Our busyness has anesthetized us to the wonder of God,
      and the leading of the Holy Spirit and because Jesus is so much more than our
      logical proofs

  3. Because predicability and faith cannot coexist.  Jesus is not a pragmatist, He is
      unpredictable, Jesus is not 7 easy steps to raise your children or 5 easy steps to fix
      your marriage or 7 baby steps to financial peace. He is so much more.

  4. Because the blaring, boring, banal voice of our culture WANTS to suffocate our faith
      and marginalize our allegiance to Jesus.

  5. Because of Isa. 43:19:  See, I am doing a new thing! Do you not perceive it?
      God is always going to be doing a new thing. Don’t get stuck in the past.

  6. Because I want more of Jesus. Still, after all these years, “I want to know Christ!
     (Phil. 3:10) and I see so many good christians settling for so little knowledge of Him
     and the light seems to be going out in their souls.

  7. Because to read the prophets of the OT today is to be confronted with a call to
     repentance, to hear the Lion of Judah ROAR! – would your Jesus ever roar at you?!

  8. Because if Christianity is just about going to church on Sundays and becoming a
      really nice guy – I’m walking.  I want so much more than that!! Churches, like fast
     food franchises, can begin to serve up the same boring menu, with the same air-
     brushed photos of melting cheese, and it doesn’t nourish anyone!

  9. Because I can put a verse or a saying right in front of me, on my speedometer, and
      within a week, I don’t even notice it any more! What does that tell me about how
      easy it is for me to lose Jesus in the process of serving Him?

10. Because just maybe we need to give up some things if we are going to save our souls,  self-renunciation,  self-denial: maybe adding more and more, faster and faster, isn’t BETTER.