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REPENTANCE is “A Change of Mind”

Repentance literally means:  a change of mind (meta*noia)
    It is to stop thinking one way, and to begin thinking another way. Mostly it is to stop thinking that I am going to do better, try harder, improve next time; finally become who I’ve always known I could become.
Repentance is not saying to God: “I really mean it this time. I’m going to do better. You just watch and see, You’re going to be happy You pardoned me 1 more time b/c this time I’m really serious. I won’t fail you.”
    Well … yes; you WILL!  You and I will fail again
    If we think that Repentance is sincerely promising to not commit the sin again, we have precisely missed the point of what Repentance is all about.
    Repentance is changing from that kind of thinking altogether, which is really turning back to the gospel of works. It is me collecting merit badges on my way to becoming an Eagle Scout for Jesus.
         it is not remorse, which is me feeling sorry for my sin
         it is not doing penance, making promises, wallowing in my guilt
         it is not the worldly sorrow which is just sorry that I got caught.
         it is not the worldly sorrow that is embarrassed about my failures
         it is not the worldly sorrow that fears the consequences of my sins
         it is not the worldly sorrow that is more concerned about what people
             are thinking than about what God thinks.
        No, it is much more: Repentance is the godly sorrow that leads me to change my mind and think differently.
      Paul is a messenger of the Gospel of Grace, not a therapist. So Repentance is NOT therapeutic speak, not positivity – not that kind of change of mind. It’s not how to get on a little better with others, not how to build up our self-esteem and get along better with ourselves
    Repentance is not about morals. It is not about good behavior. It is not about “doing better.” It’s not about coming up with a new and improved you. It’s not about our good intentions.
    Repentance is putting your trust in God … instead of in yourself, your wits, your friends, your country, your government, your guns, your money, your authority, your prestige, your reputation, your car, your house, your job, your iPhone instead of their flip-phone, your family heritage, your color, your sex, your success, your looks, your clothes, your titles, your degrees, your church, your spouse, your muscles, your leaders, your IQ, your accent, your accomplishments, your charity work, your donations, your kindness, your compassion, your self-control, your chastity, your honesty, your obedience, your devotion, your spiritual disciplines or anything else you can come up with of yours or associated with you. Repentance is to look away from your self completely and look to God to do for you what you can’t do for yourself. That’s the radical ‘change of mind’ that the gospel creates.